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An atomic abominable hybrid of Gojira (Godzilla) and SpongeBob!

"I hit 5 pounds of porn in the sandbox, I was wondering when someone would make a Rim Joke about that Movie
Midgets crawl out of my nipple and tickle my pickle while i'm fucking Brucie Nemo
Everytime i masturbate in front of my dog, He looks at me like he secretly wants it in him, Should i give it to him?
If Babies wouldn't cry, there would be no point in Fleshlites
I got my fingers in my Grandma like a Vintage Bowling Bal
I want Zeus to touch my Prostate
This morning, I had a Bowl of Cereal and a big tall glass of Pussy Juice

Uncle-Crusty's comment to LordBuwaroElexion, April 5, 2014

By the way, wanna dance?
Dancing Pumkin head by ZoraSteamDancing Pumkin head 2 by ZoraSteamDancing Pumkin head 3 by ZoraSteamDancing Pumkin head 4 by ZoraSteamDancing Pumkin head 5 by ZoraSteam

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When ya girl givin you a BJ and you begin to regret ya life choices 
tumblr inline nk6v2f6exC1tn8vew by GojiBob
Wanna go in hard like a Foot Ninja and not be dry?
20150227 123303 by GojiBobEngineered and tested by Sacks Industries™. 100% Oroku Saki approved!
Picture taken by yours truly.
I KNEW IT!ss2PolitikZ by GojiBobss2sonic was actually PolitikZ the whole time!

Okay, I swear to God that this is going to be the last time (at least for a while) I'll poke fun at ss2sonic. Okay kid?
So I decided to interweb stalk ss2sonic again and I happened to come across his super ratchet NSFW Tumblr page and found this post. Well.... let's just say the temptation to parody it was too much:
GojiBobAss by GojiBobYup..................Goldblum by GojiBob
And here's some fitting music to go along with it:

Once again, I have no regrets making fun of other people's works of "art." Problem?
Holy fug, bruh!
RatchetArt by GojiBobMy previous status post was nothing more than a joke. I never thought it would become the truth in only a matter of 2 days.

Mah Collection of Crudely Made Pr0n

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